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What Is the First Steps Project?

The First Steps project is a designed to allow anyone to explore the first steps for Swat grads, based on over a decade of data from graduating seniors.

Where Did the Data Come From?

The data source for this website is the Swarthmore College Senior Survey, 2007-present. The overall response rate for the survey during that time period is 74%. The response rate for questions about first steps varies across years and across departments. These data provide a glimpse into students’ first steps after graduation, but are not a definitive or complete picture. Students should talk with advisors to learn more about paths with different majors.

Why Doesn't Every Major Have a General Overview?

For some majors there were fewer than 20 responses and for those sections the 'General Overview' have been omitted. We have grouped together individualized special majors.

Who Made This?

The First Steps project was a SPEED 2017 project. The website was designed and developed by David Molina Cavazos '20 and the data parser was programmed by Nicole Feldbaum '18.